Hello, I have been walking this path of being a writer long before I really knew it. When I first went to university a lot of years ago, I was already selecting courses based on the idea that I wanted to understand the ‘why’ of things. I knew that if…when…I started writing, having an understanding of ‘why’ would be essential to being the best I can be in crafting stories that readers could get immersed in.

I have gathered many stories over the years, and I hope to have the opportunity to share them with everyone that is interested in experiencing the imaginary worlds I have come up with. As a rule, I want the good guys to win…but that doesn’t mean they get to have an easy time getting there. I know it is the path that is travelled from the opening page to the resolution that is most important, and that is what readers are looking forward to with every story.

My books are meant to be an escape, a chance to step outside of your day to day existence. I hope they give you a chance to see something new, and hopefully, make your day a little better.

To misquote Jane Siberry,’I don’t write books to make money, I write books because I am a writer’.
The 7th Pre-Light by Brett Mumford, sci-fi book


A young Sel researcher is given the challenge to lead the analysis on a newly discovered race: Humans. They are getting closer to developing FTL technology and need to be understood before they take their first steps into the stars.

A senior Sel security technician has been assigned the task to stop a serial killer. What does his case have to do with a 500-year-old secret?

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The 7th Pre-Light by Brett Mumford, sci-fi book